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Thrive Souljourn Descriptions

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THRIVE – Santa Fe


Wellness Retreat

6-days in Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 14-19, 2021
Rebalance. Breathe. Heal. Recharge.
Culture. Art. Cuisine. Fun!
Multiple private and group sessions/treatments/ceremonies with Steve Montoya and Troy Valencia, our healers. These men possess multiple powerful healing modalities between them… including, Energy healing, Sound healing, Guided meditation, Past-life soul regression, Biofield harmonic tuning, etc.

THRIVE – Santa Fe

Origin Aftermath Retreat

March 24-29, 2022
Breathe. Heal. Recharge. Balance. Culture. Art. Cuisine. Fun!

Limited to 6-8 guests only
Accompanied 6 day / 5 night Souljourn to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Get ready to join a brand new tribe of “Thrivers” on a journey of the soul, in and around the Santa Fe, New Mexico area! Susie will personally accompany the group throughout the retreat, introducing the healers and each new concept or ceremony along the way. This is a soul-moving experience, filled with love, joy, energy, and fun, so bring an open mind, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to have your world ROCKED!

THRIVE – Santa Fe

Moms, Dads, and 2 New Grads Retreat

June 2-7, 2022
Breathe. Heal. Recharge. Balance. Culture. Art. Cuisine. Fun!

Susie will lead your two amazing families on this Souljourn in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. She will be with the group throughout, introducing each of the healers and the treatment concepts along the way.

You’re encouraged to simply keep an open mind, bring your sense of adventure, and welcome some pretty significant self-discovery as you experience a mixture of private and group sessions, treatments, and other ceremonies led by Steve Montoya and Troy Valencia.

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