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You will never have this day again so make it count…


6 Days 5 Nights

8315 to Nashville

Experience a new THRIVE Souljourn filled with music, energy work, and, as always, tons of fun! Titled 8315 TO NASHVILLE as 8 guests will collaborate with 3 songwriters and 1 energy worker over 5 nights to create magic together in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Each guest will have the opportunity to meet/collaborate with a songwriter over the first few days, telling the story of their lost loved one, personal struggle, biggest victories, precious memories, etc.  Whatever it is that you wish to remember or celebrate, bring it to Nashville!

5 Days 4 Nights

This is a soul-moving experience, filled with love, joy, energy, and fun, so bring an open mind, your sense of adventure, and learn how to THRIVE! 

Get ready to join a brand new tribe of “Thrivers” on a journey of the soul, in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico!  Susie will personally accompany the group throughout the retreat, introducing the healers and each new concept or ceremony along the way. 

6 Days 5 nights

Susie will lead your two amazing families on this Souljourn in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. She will be with the group throughout, introducing each of the healers and the treatment concepts along the way.

You’re encouraged to simply keep an open mind, bring your sense of adventure, and welcome some pretty significant self-discovery as you experience a mixture of private and group sessions, treatments, and other ceremonies led by Steve Montoya and Troy Valencia.