Personalized Souljourns

Thrive Can Help You Heal

I bring first-hand perspective to dealing with grief, anxiety, and a sense of loss or lack of purpose. These are emotions that everyone who grieves needs to deal with… and grieving is the emotional pain caused by a whole variety of situations… not just he death of a spouse, child or loved one.

My mission is to help other people who have been dealt a bad hand by life to regain their balance and find a renewed purpose for the rest of their own lives by exploring a wide variety of healing modalities that I do my best to incorporate into amazing travel adventures. So I find and screen spiritualists, healers, mediums, muscle memory technicians, plant-based medicine experts, shamans, energy workers, musicians of all types, reiki masters, yogis, guided meditation experts, past-life regressionists, sound healers, etc. and then build trips around their offerings so that my guests can try new-age and new-thought holistic therapies that have been shown to far surpass Western medicine’s approach. I am an empathic person myself, and people are drawn into my energy every day. I want very much to help as many people as I can to understand that it is okay to grieve, but it is okay to laugh again, find joy again, find love again, reinvent themselves, travel, dance, paint, draw, write, or whatever it is that helps them regain balance and find their way back to feeling whole again.

Thrive Souljourns are designed to blend the best travel experiences you can imagine with the health and wellness you need. Now you really can have the best of both worlds! .