Troy Valencia

Troy Valencia

Shamanic Healer/Self Realization Coach

San Diego, CA and Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Treatment modalities include: Sound Healing, Past Life Soul Regression, Earth Grounding, Plant Medicine Facilitation, Guided Meditation, Biofield tuning, Prayer and Breath-work.

Greetings Everyone,

I am so very excited to be part of the THRIVE Tribe, and look forward to participating in as many of the Souljourns as I can over the coming few years.

As part of my own ongoing journey of spiritual growth and expansion, I am studying under a three very different and very powerful Shaman in Costa Rica, Gabon, and Santa Fe New Mexico.  I will share those details and the rest of my backstory with all of you in person at the beginning of each Souljourn.

The THRIVE Souljourn to Tuscany will be truly special.  Tuscany is one of those places on Earth that absolutely vibrates with a different frequency than other places.  The natural beauty, slower pace, and celebration of life expressed through wine and food, keeps Tuscany at the top of the list of the most desirable vacations year after year.

I am truly looking forward to getting to know each participant on this Souljourn in the months leading up to the trip itself.  As I know that within each of you there is a light, and this Divinity (or Self) is your true nature. You are not your body, which is subject to the cycle of birth and death. You are not your mind, which is merely a matter of impressions you’ve collected, both voluntarily and involuntary over the course of this and past lifetimes.

You are an eternal being that shares a divine connection with all of creation. All life is connected, all life is one; from a simple rock to the world of spirits, and everything in between. However, an intellectual understating of this truth that does not have its foundation built of experience can lead to prolonged suffering and a spiritually unconscious lifetime.

My purpose is to assist you in the experiential process of waking up, of finding your own personal freedom, of living in peace, harmony, abundance and of being in service to this entire planet.

By combing various healing modalities with a reverence for all of creation, we will work on the level of your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

And what will happen when you experience the reality that is your Soul Self? Well, each person will need to answer that for themselves as their soul’s journey progresses… but you will leave this Souljourn with better understanding and some new tools to help you keep moving in the right direction.

Modalities: Sound Healing, Past Life Soul Regression, Earth Grounding, Plant Medicine Facilitation, Meditation, Prayer and Breath work.

During the Souljourn I will provide a Cacao Ceremony for the group, as well as Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, and a bit of Breath-work.

Private 1 on 1 session will also be made available upon appointment request.  For those, I can also offer Past-life regressions, Biofield tunings, and/or Sound healings.

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