Steve Montoya

Steve Montoya

Steve is of Apache descent, and his family has lived in the Santa Fe area for many generations. Steve did not become aware of his gift for energy healing until he was around 30 years old, and under very odd circumstances, but has now spent more than 25 years utilizing his natural gift of seeing, understanding,and manipulating energy in order to heal countless individuals of both physical and emotional conditions. I will let Steve tell you his backstory during our retreat. It is remarkable, and gives you a glimpse into what makes him an absolutely incredible healer, and why it is such an honor and quite an experience to have a session with this man!

Steve is one of the kindest and most humble men you’ll ever meet. He has this amazing presence and peace about him that cannot be denied.

Steve is sought out by dignitaries, professional athletes/sports organizations, and “regular Joe’s” the world over! He has treated more than 12,000 people (and counting)… and yet has NEVER advertised a single day in his life… as in NEVER EVER!

In fact, when I asked him for a headshot and his Bio to help promote this retreat, he told me “NO”… flat out! I tried to push him for something… anything… but he held firm and simply told me this:

“That is not how the HSC (Holy Spiritual Channel) operates… so quit worrying, Susie! People who need my work will always find their way to me. They’ll see or hear my name and just know that they need to see me. That’s how it has always worked, and there is no reason to doubt it now. There is no end to the people in need of my services, so I just trust that Spirit will put my name in front of the people who need me most. Let your retreats be a mere conduit of the HSC, then trust, let go, and know that all is as it should be.”

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