Lori Kurszewski

Lori Kurszewski


Health & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Retreat Leader, and Mind-Body Medicine Group Leader

Inspiring healing through listening. It might sound far-fetched, but I have experienced this first-hand. And, I am looking forward to being with you in Tuscany so you can experience this yourself!

In 2011 I became quite ill. I navigated doctor appointments, medications, and an ER visit where I was struggling to breathe. Certain things were helping, but nothing was getting me back to where I really wanted to be. This is when I started the exploration of other healing opportunities: acupuncture, nutritional changes, Qi gong, herbs and most importantly, counseling to work through feelings and emotions. An integration of Western and complementary medicine is what brought me back to being able to walk up the stairs at work and not get winded, to taking long bike rides, weight lifting, and to carry my purse on my arm without the pain and discomfort I had been feeling. I still use both medical models as I continue to navigate my health, and to bring myself back to a thriving state as I work through my life’s ebbs and flows.

It was also my push to heed the call I knew I had to follow–”Inspiring healing through listening.” This is my life purpose and how I came to the field of health and wellness coaching. My purpose not only played out for me personally, but also to my athletic training work. I could not deny it–listening was an integral part of the healing I was accomplishing with others when I paid attention to it. And I wanted to do more and to be able to focus solely on that type of work. It was a big step to leave a job after 15 amazing years, and I did it knowing I was following my higher purpose.

Since completing my health coaching degree, I now health coach full time. I love traveling and the perspectives I gain when traveling to new places and experiencing new things. This is the magic of being a part of THRIVE Souljourns—bringing others intentionally together, using my health coaching expertise, to hold space for the healing of others within an amazingly curated travel-adventure. I’m so excited to get to meet you and do this with you!

And now, here’s a bit about my credentials and the HWC. I am both a certificated health and wellness coach and athletic trainer. I hold a master’s degree in kinesiology with minor work in human factors and ergonomics. I have completed advanced training through the Center for Mind Body Medicine and am looking toward completing training in Enneagram principles and how to apply them to my coaching work.

The HWC is the platform as to how I am fulfilling my purpose. I offer virtual individual, group and ergo coaching along with small business collaboration and of course, being with you on this travel adventure. If you’d like to read more about my health coaching education, mind-body medicine education, or the collaborative, please click through the links below. To further support my purpose, I also work as a health coach through an employee benefits platform that reaches individuals across the United States. I am proud to say that I am truly living on purpose.

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