You Shall Know Them By Their Love

Steve Montoya, the healer mentioned in this article will be the healer we will be getting treated by during our THRIVE Souljourns Santa Fe trip. Steve he is sought out by people around the world through what he calls the Holy Spiritual Channel (HSC).  

“You will know my disciples by their love.” – Christ

I admire the simplicity of prophets.  They get right to the point, garbage out the window, wisdom blowing the lid off of the confined minds of men.  Truth is a lightening bolt.  Truth isn’t just one thing.  It is a wisp of a thing that you follow.  You continue following truth throughout your life.  Truth is a path.  A dynamic path.  Whenever anyone says “I have the truth,” they are misleading you.  Saying you have the truth is like placing your hand into a river, taking a fistful of water, holding it up to the sky and claiming to the world, “I HOLD THE RIVER.”  No you don’t.  You have a momentary understanding that is slipping through the cracks of your physical body every second.  Truth is like a river.  If you want to know the “truth,” you have to get inside of the river and flow with it.  You have to become one with the river.

We often say that Jesus is “the truth.”  The final, bottom line, end to all truths – TRUTH.  I used to say this too, but I was still lost as ever, I had a difficult time knowing how to make decisions, and life was often hard.  I could call on Jesus all I wanted, but that didn’t end my problems, or permanently give me peace, nor did it solve anything for me.  I mean, lets be honest.  People who have Jesus don’t necessarily have perfect health, or a good demeanor, or the most important thing… LOVE.  Some people who have Jesus seem to be the most judgmental people of all.  Or they place themselves upon a pedal-stool while claiming that they are “right,” while thinking the rest of the world is wrong.  Most people who have Jesus agree that they are “still growing,” which means that they aren’t perfect.  That’s honest, but then you have to ask where people come up with this idea that Jesus is the end all TRUTH?  When I say “In order to know the truth, you must become one with it,” I’m basically saying, instead of talking about it, be it.

My mom (Ramona) and I have met a lot of people over the last decade, who have not been like anyone we’ve ever met.  Their faith (followed by works), along with their inner light, and compassion is beyond anything remotely worldly.  It is so pure, giving, non-judgmental, open, receiving, humble, caring, and continuous.  Of course we both got curious about this because we had never experienced it before.  I do not ever remember being in church and ever feeling so incredibly loved by the congregation.  I got a lot of hugs, and kind words, but I can honestly say that I never truly felt unconditionally loved by anyone who wasn’t family.  Perhaps a very select few people in the church community shined with love and light.  There were a few, but you didn’t walk into church feeling loved and honored.  You walked into church feeling like you better ask for forgiveness for the crap you did all week that wasn’t in alignment with the laws of Moses.  Seriously.  (At least, that’s how I felt.)  Oh, I’ve been jealous this week, so I better repent.  I’ve been angry.  That’s wrong.  I need to ask God to remove that ugly part of me.  I don’t deserve God’s love.  I’m nothing but a dirty old sinner…

“You will know my disciples by their love…”  So simple, right?  Well, no.  Not really, because if a person is flowing with love beyond anything you’ve ever experienced in church, and they don’t say “I’m a Christian,” or if they don’t say “In the name of Jesus,” while they are doing their energy work, then sometimes Christian friends ask us, “What spirit is this healer from?”  Or they say things like, “If it isn’t from Jesus, then it is not the right spirit,” while they completely disregard the most important thing we felt while we took my mom to her healing session.  The most importing thing being LOVE.  The one commandment that trumps all commandments is LOVE.  “Above all else, love thy neighbor as yourself, and love God with all your heart, mind and soul…” (Christ).

When I meet people, the very first thing I do is look into their eyes.  When I meet healers, and energy workers, and Christians, the first thing I do is see what’s behind their gaze.  This tells me almost everything I need to know.  The second thing I do is feel their energy.  I ask myself what emotion is this person walking in?  I feel everything.  I feel judgment.  I feel anger.  I feel jealousy.  I can feel someone who is completely guarded.  I feel when someone is disconnected, confused, whole in themselves, insecure, or when someone is holding the energy of pure love.  I know love right away because I had never felt that kind of energy until I was in my twenties, and it derived from people in the real world who were humble, grounded, compassionate, and honest.  You see, just because someone says they have Jesus, doesn’t mean that they are a “disciple” (or follower of Christ).  And just because someone doesn’t say they have Jesus, doesn’t mean that they are lost.  The Christ spirit is love.  That’s the bottom line.  You know it when you feel it.  It’s incredibly obvious.  We need to stop judging people by what they say, and begin knowing who people are by their way of being.  Wasn’t it Jesus who said “People will point to the sky, and say, ‘Here he is, and their he is,’ but indeed I tell you, the kingdom of heaven is neither here or there.  The kingdom of heaven is within you?”  Weren’t those his words (paraphrased)?  So basically, some people walk around quoting the Bible, trying to live their modern lives through the ancient scriptures, while other people know that they weren’t born with a Bible in their hand, yet they walk in the way of Christ, and they are judged as “the wrong spirit.”  Does this make sense to you?  It certainly doesn’t to me. Just because we are taught things by other people who were taught the same things, doesn’t make them true. We have to learn to discern things for ourselves, not by how people speak, but by how they love.

Now that I’ve cleared that up, I took my mom to a healer on Monday.  He was only here for a couple of days, from New Mexico.  He is a well-known healer who does not advertise.  He gets his business through word of mouth only.  He works from inside of a cave in New Mexico.  People fly in to see him from all over the world.  This man used to be an accountant, but his mom got stage four cancer, and she went to see a healer.  (This was back in the early nineties.)  The healer told his mom that she had a son who could heal her cancer.  His mom had three sons, and the last one of her sons she thought the healer was referring to, was her accountant son.  So his mom gave him the message from the healer.  His name is Steve Montoya.  He took heed and changed his life.  He decided to quit his career, and to live in the wholeness of who he truly was.  His mom is still alive.  She is in her eighties.  When you meet Steve (along with his wife and their friends who were housing them in Stockton for a few days), you feel nothing except for love and acceptance.  That’s the spirit we felt as we walked into their home, and sat in their presence.  Love.  Peace.  Serenity.  Kindness.  Gentleness.  Compassion.  Humility.  That’s the spirit of the home, and of the people we met on Monday.  Did they say anything about Jesus?  No.  They didn’t have to.

Steve spent over two hours working with my mom.  I sat in the room with them and cried for those two hours because the power in room was so incredible.  As she received her healing, I was quietly receiving mine.  I had a vision for my life, and was asked by the spirit, “Why are you working a job that has nothing to do with who you truly are?”  I heard this clearly.  My mom’s grandpa entered the room.  He passed away in the eighties.  He was her favorite grandpa.  He loved her dearly, and he stood over her during her healing session.  She felt him.  Steve confirmed he was there, sending her love.  My mom released a lot of emotions.  She let a lot of stuff go that day.  I felt it moving around the room.  Steve confirmed what I already knew, and what another energy worker friend told us the night before.  “This isn’t your time to die, Ramona.  You aren’t going to die from this.”  He basically told her that this experience with “Walter” is part of her spiritual journey.

My mom heard about Steve through her nurse.  I heard about Steve last week from our friend, Kim Robinson.  Two different people who don’t know one another, told us separately about this healer.  It was meant for my mom to meet with Steve.  It was meant for me to be in that room, receiving confirmations about my life that I had considered, yet have been too afraid to change.  When we first walked into that home, my mom was in excruciating pain.  She was crying from the pain in her leg.  When we left, she was completely centered, calm, and feeling loved beyond measure.

The spirit of love is saving my mom’s life.  That’s the point I’ve been trying to make as I wrote this today.  I hope it resonates with some of you, and that when you meet people in the real world, instead of asking if they are Christians, please consider their place of being.  Consider where they navigate from, instead of judging them by their beliefs.  They may not label themselves like some people do, but more important than any label, is who a person is.  Do they operate from a place of love?  If they do, then they walk in the way of Christ.  They are flowing with the river.



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