Regenerative Travel – Hot New Travel Trend for Post-Covid World

While it is true that the whole world continues to reel from the far-reaching effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Now, this could be the freight train barreling towards us for round 3 or 5 or whatever we’re up to now… but more than likely we are seeing the benefit of the nation-wide vaccine administration that is currently underway. 

I think it is safe to hope that by the Fall of 2021,  things will start to ease up a bit and perhaps allow people to start traveling, both domestically and abroad, once again.

The  2021 Global Wellness Trends Report, says that “2020 represented a near total brake on travel, giving both the travel suppliers and consumers time to think about rebooting it for the better.”  So, they’ve labeled 2021 as “The Year of Travel Reset.” 

It is very accurate, I think.  The pandemic has made us all stop and take stock of what is truly important in our lives.  We have been isolated and locked down, unable to see friends and family, or to celebrate life events or milestones.  And, we also realized how vulnerable, small, and precious planet Earth is.

So, while it is very apparent that there is some pent-up demand for travel once the pandemic passes, it is the way people will travel that has the experts talking.  The report goes on to say, “… the travel industry will rethink its manic, unsustainable past – to create slower, less destructive, and more mindful travel.”  I could not agree more!

There was a time when a European vacation involved flying for 25-30 hours, through 3 cities to get the best airfare.  Renting a car that you spent 4-10 hours a day driving on to as many places, in as many countries as you could in 15 days.  Each night was a different hotel, and each stop was limited to 2 hours, so that you could for sure fit in the 3 things that were scheduled for that stop on that day.   When you got home you were absolutely drained, physically and financially.  In fact, you’d actually joke, “I need to go back to work so I can rest!”    When you opened your suitcase, you find it filled with postcards and cheap gift-shop trinkets from 5 countries.  Maybe someone taped them into a memory book… but more than likely you’ll just throw them out in a year or two.   

That’s no way to vacation! 

Regenerative travel has always been the key with my companies… Thrive Souljourns, Periquito Adventures, and Wanderful Tanzania.   All three of my companies involve traveling with intention and purpose.  While we see and do amazing things, we do not do it at a harried pace, or with the need to move from point A to point B every night.  On even the busiest of trips, we will spend at least 3 nights in most locations.  Often, we will have a villa, chalet, yacht, safari tent, castle, or treehouse community that we are calling home for at least a week.  I try to let people really absorb the region we are visiting… getting to know the culture, the people, the food, the economy of the place, instead of just rolling through for some vacation pics before moving on with alacrity.

As part of the Rengenerative Travel trend, I will continue to fine-tune my companies so that we can perhaps slow the pace even more.  Ideally, all of my guests can not attend to their own wellness and vitality, but also give back to the regions we visit through our tourism and our own efforts.   Perhaps we can look for a great vacation or adventure, but then also build in a bit of time to help plant seeds in a community’s garden, help reforest damaged regions, help fund an orphanage or new school, or help dig and develop clean water wells around the third world as part of our overall vacation experience.  By incorporating those types of special experiences into your overall vacation plan will create a trip you’ll never forget.     

I hope you will join me on some future Regenerative Travel trips in 2021 and beyond!


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