How to Prepare for a Wellness Retreat

What You’ll Need for a Healing Journey

Whether you are considering or actively planning to get away from your usual routine and take a wellness retreat that will promote physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, you need insight into what you need for the trip. Let this guide you as you make plans.

What is a wellness retreat?

The concept of a wellness retreat isn’t new; taking active steps to care for oneself goes back thousands of years. Today’s travelers can break away from their daily lives and book a trip to help boost health and well-being via physical, emotional, and spiritual activities. Wellness retreats also provide a safe space where you can let your inhibitions go and allow yourself time to truly relax, unwind, and take steps toward rejuvenation. If you’re seeking a place to balance your life and focus on your overall well-being, a wellness retreat is a perfect place to start.

Know your ‘why’

First and foremost, you should prepare for a wellness retreat by being intentional. While it may be nice for someone else to recommend such a trip or invite you along for an experience, you should put yourself in a good mental state to accept that a wellness retreat isn’t a typical vacation.

Determine what you’d like to learn, feel, and take away from the time you’re away. Even if your wellness retreat includes time on the beach, you’re not attending just to soak up some rays. Before you go, understand whether you are seeking relaxation, inner peace, physical healing, or a way to detox from your everyday routine. Once you know why you will attend, everything else will fall into place. The first thing to “pack” is an open mind.

Determine the ‘where’

Locations of wellness retreats can vary greatly. You can book a fantastic getaway to a tropical resort, but you may also hike in the desert, explore urban museums, or meditate in the mountains. What you pack into your suitcase will be based on the climate, activities, and length of your stay. In general, you should consider:

  • Comfortable fitness gear
  • Broken in shoes (if hiking or walking is part of the retreat)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Medications or supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pen, or pencil, and journal
  • Headphones
  • Identification or passport
  • Credit card, and cash (in local currency if traveling internationally)

If your wellness retreat is located in an international destination, it’s a good idea to take a little time to learn about the culture, language, and customs before departing. When you do some research and prepare, you are better suited for interacting with the locals and taking side trips when you have free time. Consider packing a guidebook or dictionary. You may also want to download an app to help you with language or directions.

Get your body ready

Because you will be in the mix of many new people, it’s a good idea to boost your immunity anytime you travel. Increase your water intake, Vitamin C, and talk to your doctor about other necessary steps you may take, especially if you travel internationally.

Additionally, if the wellness retreat requires a lot of walking, bicycling, yoga, or other physical activities, be sure to prepare those muscles. You don’t want to be down for the count after the first day. Build yourself up for any activities and recognize that just because you may want to jump into something like a 5-mile hike, your feet, knees, and legs may not be ready if you’ve never done such a thing before.

Prepare for the unexpected

When planning a wellness retreat, anxiety is the last thing you want to drag along. To take some of the worry away, prepare for what-ifs such as:

  • How can loved ones at home reach me in the event of an emergency?
  • What if I lose my passport?
  • What if I get really sick during the trip (especially if it is a remote international location)?

Of course, making pre-trip arrangements for someone to care for your pets, plants, home, and mail also puts you in a carefree “time to retreat” frame of mind.

Ready to go?

Interested in a wellness retreat? At Thrive Souljourns, we know the benefit of travel for one’s mind, body, and soul. Our boutique agency keeps the staff-to-participant ratio small, allowing for individualized and maximum attention to your wellness. Find a wellness retreat that helps you regenerate your spirit with support you’re seeking during a healing journey.  


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