New Age Practice with Ancient Origins

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses vibrations to release energetic blockages and induce a state of ease and harmony in the body. While many may believe it to be a type of New Age therapy it has deep historical roots. In ancient Greece, Pythagoras (569-475BC) believed celestial bodies rang out vibrations based on their orbit and distance to each other to create universal harmony. He discovered that music had great therapeutic power and used it to perform “soul-adjustments.” 

Ancient cultures have considered disease to be a musical issue and indigenous peoples from Central and South America, and Australia have also used sound therapy for centuries as a natural treatment to restore harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

Just like your favorite song can lift your spirits and put you in a good mood, many studies over the years show sound healing can help reduce tension, anxiety and respiratory rates; lower blood pressure, improve sleep and circulation, and relieve certain ailments and chronic pain.

Sound therapy helps clear the mind, supports positive mental health and aids in an overall calmness and well-being.

How does it work?

During a healing session or “sound bath,” you lay on the floor while a practitioner plays instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetian bowls, tuning forks, gongs, drums, didgeridoos, rain sticks, or wind chimes. Each instrument serves a different purpose because sound isn’t just heard through the ears but felt as a vibration.

Your brainwave frequencies synchronize with the frequencies produced by sound healing instruments. It is then possible to shift to various states, beginning with a state of normal waking consciousness to relaxed consciousness (alpha state).  A person then progresses to a meditative theta state and delta sleep state where the brainwaves are the slowest frequency and greatest amplitude allowing for internal healing to occur.

Travel, Heal, Reinvent, Inspire, Visualize, and Emerge!

Thrive Souljourns are designed to blend the best travel experiences with the health, wellness and healing you need. Sound therapy can be especially helpful to those who are hurting, healing, grieving, or struggling with life-changing scenarios because it allows our body, mind and spirit to move in a direction toward balance.

Dr. Troy Valencia, Shamanic Healer/Self Realization Coach, leads amazing programs before and during our trips.  Learn more about Souljourn Travels and our expert guides.


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