THRIVE – Santa Fe

Energy and Flow Retreat

5 Days
4 Nights

Per Adult

A retreat so good that I'm bringing it back again for 2022!

Last year’s Santa Fe retreat changed the lives of its participants profoundly! Many of them continue to report positive effects and ongoing progress stemming from this retreat! What a wonderful confirmation that this stuff really works!

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY... and get ready to have your spiritual world ROCKED!

This is a soul-moving experience, filled with love, joy, energy, and fun, so bring an open mind, your sense of adventure, and learn how to THRIVE!

Get ready to join a brand new tribe of “Thrivers” on a journey of the soul, in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico! Susie will personally accompany the group throughout the retreat, introducing the healers and each new concept or ceremony along the way.

This exciting mixture of private- and group-sessions, treatments, and ceremonies led by Steve Montoya and Troy Valencia… our two gifted guides/healers for this journey, is difficult to explain. No two treatments are alike, as these two men can read and feel energy, and see things around us that we cannot see… and then they tailor their treatments accordingly. Steve and Troy possess multiple powerful healing modalities between them, including crazy-cool Energy healing, Sound healing, Guided meditation, Biofield harmonic tuning, Aura reading, and more! Together they create a lovely balance… like yin and yang. The best way I can describe it is that Troy focuses on your energy from the skin, OUT… and Steve works on your energy from the skin, IN.

Meet Your Healers

I simply can’t wait to introduce my new tribe to Steve Montoya and Jo Trinidad in person and to welcome you to the new Thrive Tribe!

Steve and Jo are both incredibly gifted energy healers. If you are lucky enough to grab one of the few spots on this retreat, please know that you can trust them to take very good care of you and to help heal what ails you throughout our time together in Santa Fe. They are super happy to be part of this upcoming retreat too!

Here is a little bit more information about each to them…

Steve Montoya

Steve is of Apache descent, and his family has lived in the Santa Fe area for many generations. Steve did not become aware of his gift for energy healing…

Joaly Trinidad

Joaly Trinidad, best known and referred to as Jo, is a New York Queens native with a Dominican heritage strongly rooted in Taino and African history.

Want More Info?

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April 22, 2022 – April 26, 2022