Compassionate, Safe Space for Healing

Grief can make you feel isolated and alone. Individuals can often get lost in such overwhelming sorrow, but there are ways to move forward in a safe space with experts who can help. There are many benefits of a grief retreat. This type of wellness retreat allows you to reconnect, discover your deeper feelings and emotions, and take steps toward healing. Benefits include:

1.     Healing work in a supportive environment

2.     Spending time with others

3.     Revitalize body, mind, and spirit

4.     Take home tools

5.     Find purpose

1. Healing work in a supportive environment

Even if you have a network of helpful friends and/or family members, they may not understand grief’s heavy weight on your heart. Others may also expect you to simply move forward and get on with life at home and in your day-to-day routine. That’s not always easy. 

Attending a grief retreat puts you in a safe space with people who completely understand. You get to step away, unplug, and be in an environment with healers that recognize your pain and needs and will help you find healing and wellness. 

2. Spending time with others

Experiencing loss is very personal; that’s why grieving can be so isolating. It’s common for people who experience grief to feel they are the only one who has ever felt such overwhelming sorrow.

During the small and attention-focused Thrive Souljourns grief retreats, everyone in attendance understands what it feels like to be consumed by heartbreaking sadness. There’s no need to explain your feelings, and you’ll be surrounded by experts who have experience addressing grief issues and troubling circumstances. As you share stories and connect with others, you’ll realize you are not alone. There are ways to bond with others to heal, grow and move forward.

3. Revitalize body, mind, and spirit

Loved ones may recommend breathing exercises, meditation, or other helpful and well-meaning suggestions to work through your grief at home. When you attend a wellness retreat that focuses on holistic health and healing, you can work through your grief with these and other practices that genuinely help revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Being away from the hustle and bustle of daily life provides the space you need to be able to accept these healing methods more completely.

4. Take home tools

Healing workshops and techniques help participants work through their grief, whether it’s the loss of a family member, friend, pet, job, or another aspect of one’s life. While it’s not possible to stay in the retreat forever, there is no time limit on mourning. The process takes the time it takes. One of the benefits of a grief retreat is learning coping techniques to help you move forward. These are tools you can use long after the retreat has ended, and you will realize you’ll be able to do more than just live with grief. You can move forward with life, and it is okay to laugh and find joy after loss.   

5. Find purpose

It is difficult to see a future when you are overwhelmed with grief. Grief is an emotion meant to move through our bodies, not get stuck. When loss occurs, our bodies react, and often our chakras go off balance. Grief has a way of blocking the flow of positive energy. During a retreat, healers help you get back into balance. Only when that energy is flowing can you find meaning and purpose in your loss, reflect, and move beyond the pain toward overall well-being.

Healing step by step

Taking a wellness retreat or grief retreat can help navigate difficult times and provide the first step for moving forward. Thrive Souljourns’ expert healers help facilitate emotional healing within a peaceful, non-judgmental space. Our boutique agency keeps the staff-to-participant ratio small, allowing for individualized attention. Take time to heal at your pace and adjust your level of engagement according to what you need. 

You’ll find that this wellness retreat is an experience that helps you regenerate your body, soul, and spirit and provides support during this healing journey. Get the help you are seeking and the emotional support you need during a Thrive Retreat. 


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