• As you all know, Covid is a moving target, at best. I believe we are making significant strides in getting things under control with the rollout of vaccines, and the slowing of the spread. Hallelujah!   But, what we don’t know is what is going to happen in the future with another spike, more lockdowns, or the possibility of variants becoming an increasing issue.
  • If any of those scenarios become reality, it may be necessary for us to postpone the trip to a later date. If that is the case, all monies you’ve paid will be held and applied to future dates.
  • If, as I anticipate will be the case, we are indeed a “go” for the trip, every guest will be required to produce a negative PCR Covid test that is taken within 72 hours of arrival into Italy. If that timeframe changes, I will notify you immediately.
  • Upon arrival, we will form our own “pod”. Mask wearing will be encouraged, and may still be mandatory in Italy at that time. I ask that each person is cognizant and respectful to the desires of the others in the group, but if everyone decides that they are okay with removing masks while at the villa, then I am okay with that too… but it must be a group decision.
  • When riding in the vans, I think mask-wearing would be a good idea, as the quarters are much closer than in an open villa or an outdoor situation.
  • There will be hand sanitizer and wipes throughout the villa and in each vehicle. We will use these liberally when re-entering the vans after each stop.
  • I would strongly recommend monitoring the prices of airfare to Florence leading up to the trip, but unless there is a screaming deal, I would hold off booking your transportation until August at the earliest. Airlines are still on limited flight schedules right now and I believe that things will start opening back up in the coming months.
  • Each person is STRONGLY encouraged to buy travel insurance with Covid protection.